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01 May 2018

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Skin Resurfacing


Rejuvenation Treatment

Skin resurfacing is a treatment that many people consider when they are looking to reduce wrinkles, remove scars and eliminate ugly blemishes. At Sereno Santé, we use the Accent Prime for a non-invasive procedure to produce lasting results in a controlled environment. The Accent Prime allows Dr. Maia Chakerian to reach deeper into the skin to achieve maximize results.

Through constant facial expressions and movements, the skin can develop unwanted lines and wrinkles. Plus, the aging process loosens the skin, which creates additional skin issues. That’s where skin resurfacing with Accent Prime comes in. It can help to improve skin quality by tightening those loose areas to enhance the look of your skin.

Skin resurfacing with Accent Prime at Sereno Santé can help to improve:

Aged or sun-damaged skin

 Improve complexion from yellowish or grayish skin tones


 Enlarged oil glands on the nose and cheeks


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Amazing Results

No Down Time

Virtually Painless

Effective Treatment


How It Works

Accent Prime utilizes radiofrequency energy to enhance cellular improvement to help the body to eliminate older skin quicker. Radiofrequency energy triggers deep thermal heating under the skin to trigger a contracting effect and effectively treat wrinkles. This treatment can help to improve skin quality while reducing fine lines and wrinkles and blemishes.

Treatment with Accent Prime is a fairly quick process and takes a little less than an hour to perform. Many of our who have busy schedules appreciate this aspect. Accent Prime is delivered to the skin with a handheld device, which delivers heat energy directly to the intended area.